Asher O.

No More Violence

Violence happens in every country, state, and city. Child abuse, death and injury from weapons, animal abuse, and physical violence are just some types of violence. 1 in 3 women have been beaten throughout their lifetime. We should help prevent violence and stop the people from committing these types of crimes.

There are other types of violence too. Kids are getting bullied all around the world. Bullying causes lots of kids to become suicidal. Violence can be verbal, physical, emotional, and social. Every person deserves to be treated good and to be safe. I believe that if you are a bully or an abuser, you should stop right away and think again. Being bullied or abused yourself is no excuse, even if that had happened to you before, or you have something going on outside of school.

The red and black colors in my picture are meant to represent violence. I did a stop sign to say Stop Violence. The guns are meant to show how people kill other people and abuse them. For my hexagon I used the picture of a gun to show the violence and I drew weapons with some of the letters. I used red paper to make it more serious and black to make it bold.


Colin K.
10/8/2012 09:15:31 pm

Great commentary. I loved your hexagon, it looks sharp.

Hanna B.
10/8/2012 09:18:50 pm

I agree with your hexagon/commentary. Violence is horrible and it must stop. Good job Asher:)

Jack R
10/9/2012 07:16:55 am

I agree with you that violence should be stopped throughout the world

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 06:59:55 pm

Asher, your commentary was very well-written.


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