Marina S.
My project focused on the issue of starvation.  It’s estimated that every 3.6 seconds someone dies of starvation about 15 million people per year. This issue is important to address because millions of innocent men, women and children are dying from something that could be fixed. Many charities and organization are working to fight the power of starvation, such as feed my starving children. Feed my starving children helps people all around the world especially those in developing countries get sufficient supply of food. What my hexagon depicted was this, It showed a plate with rice. This part of my picture shows the food that these people should be receiving everyday. The other part was a spoon which had a globe drawn on it. This represented feeding the world. Lastly the background for my picture was colored orange, this is because orange internationally represents starvation.  This issue is important to me because this is something that no one should have to go through.
Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 07:06:46 pm

Marina, I wish the picture of your hexagon was on here! You did an amazing job, and everyone is missing out by not seeing it!


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