World Education is a big issue. in many countries some children do not go to school. in many countries it is not a law. many organizations such as save the children they are bringing education to 10 million kids and counting. many kids complain about going to school but imagine not going next time think about complaining. Education is vital in today’s world you need it to get a good job to keep up with the rising prices of basic needs.

     My art symbolizes this issue by showing Africa and South America the places where children uneducated the most. I traced the continents and put lined paper over them to symbolize the paper used in schools. I also put dipped blue tissue paper in water and put it on the hexagon. The next day I took off the tissue paper to get the blue color that bleed of the tissue paper. I also put statistics of uneducated children to show that these kids need to get educated to make our world better and smarter.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 10:26:09 am

Michelle, great job. Your artwork is amazing. Great depiction of the issue.


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