Jason G.
Global Warming
Color pencil
My hexagon shows Global Warming. It is a world issue that happens in many countries when a large amount of carbon dioxide is release into the atmosphere from factories and cars. It is an important issue to me because it greatly damages the earth and it is important to preserve the earth for future generations. My artwork shows a Earth on fire. Global warming is making the earth warmer and that shows the Earth getting too hot. At the bottom I have a crossed out a factory releasing carbon dioxide. Below that I have the words “Stop Global Warming”. This tells people to stop releasing carbon dioxide and use natural energy. I used color pencil because I thought that it would be good to use it for the carbon dioxide and the sky.

10/8/2012 05:45:01 pm

I like how you showed how devastating global warming can be.

Blake H
10/8/2012 08:32:41 pm

I like how you explained what global warming is and what it does to the Earth's atmosphere.


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