Caroline H.

War is “a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation”. A big issue that is occurring all over the world, big and small, is war.  Currently, there are 561,984 active personnel in the US military. In Iraq, this past year around 3000 people have been killed from the US military. Also, many innocent civilians in Iraq are being killed. There are many organizations that are helping the soldiers by giving them “care packages”. One organization is called AMVETS, it donates used clothes to war veterans.

In my hexagon, I used the colors black, red and other dark colors to symbolize that “war” is a very sad topic. I also used pictures from Google Images for my collage. I decided to make a collage to represent war because that way the people looking at my artwork can see pictures of people struggling in war and they can do something to help. The topic of war is important to me because I feel that it needs to be stopped, and especially if civilians are being killed.

Rose B.
10/7/2012 04:15:31 pm

Caroline, i liked how you used negative and scary pictures to show how bad war is.

Megan P.
10/7/2012 09:20:19 pm

Car-o-lin! I loved how the stop part of your picture was the most bold because I think stopping it is the most important thing! Good job girly!

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 08:36:34 pm

Caroline, I really liked the way that you started your commentary with the definition of war. Nice job.


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