Stop the Wars  

Jimmy I.

War is an ongoing issue costs the countries in the wars billions of dollars and thousands of soldiers are dying. All of this is occurring because no one can get along and some countries don’t like other countries religions. I believe that all of the countries involved in war should make up and sign peace treaties. My grandpa was in world war one and told me how horrible it was and I believe that no more soldiers should have to suffer. Many of the countries that are at war are being destroyed, whole countries. War needs to be stopped, there is no way else to put it.

I hand drew all of my pictures, I drew a helicopter, tank, and a missile because these are all of the weapons that are used in the wars today. I put gravestones on my hexagon to represent all of the brave soldiers that lost their lives protecting their country. In the border on the outside of my hexagon, I put that war is bad and that we should bring the soldiers home and war is terrible. I also made the border a red background because this represents all of the blood that has been shed in all of the wars that have occurred.

Ben M
10/7/2012 01:20:54 pm

Your picture really wraps up the pointlessness of war.


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