Emma W.

The media I used to create my work of art was cotton balls, Sharpies, paint, and Crayola

The world wide significance is that people who work in cities and by factories are getting very sick from all of the pollution! At least 186.1 million people are affected every day. People that are just out walking are affected because they are inhaling the smoke. There are 38,000 deaths from second hand smoking like when people are at bars or just from smoking in the car. This problem is important to me because my mom used to work in a building that was near a lot of pollution! She would always have to drive through that. Also, my Aunt used to smoke and when I was in the car with her, I would get the secondhand smoke! People can also develop asthma, lung disease, and heart disease just from being in a factory or just from working in a factory!

First, in my work of art, I used dull colors on the top to show what factories are doing to cities and people around the world! I used dull colors because pollution is not a happy problem.  I stretched out cotton balls and dabbed paint on them to represent the actual pollution. On the bottom, I used color and flowers.  The bottom is to represent colors and how to help the world! If we stop pollution or at least decrease it, the world could be much prettier! To go along with the flowers, I put the words “Stop Pollution” in an “X” formation to show how critical the problem really is!

Isabella M.
10/3/2012 01:11:09 pm

I like how you used the cotton balls it looks really cool!

10/3/2012 08:25:19 pm

Emma! I love you project it is so good and it shows everything about going green! Good Job!

10/4/2012 10:18:02 am

Emma! I liked how you used the cotton balls in the sky for the pollution and painted them green it made it stand out!

Bridget :)
10/4/2012 09:41:58 pm

Emma! I LOVE this!! I love all of the bright colors of the flowers and the 3D clouds! WAY TO GOO!!!


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