Even though dirty water doesn’t affect me personally, it affects about 1 out of 7 people world-wide. It happens in more places you think. People that can’t get clean water can live in Middle East, Central/ South America and Africa. Women and children in these places have to walk for miles and carry heavy jugs of water that isn’t even clean. 3.575 million people die every year due to water-related diseases. Organizations like Dosomething.org are raising money so towns can build wells and pumps to get clean water. They also are raising money to build sanitation facilities in towns that currently do not have any. Some diseases and illnesses people can get from drinking dirty water are: Cholera, Dysentery, Amoebas, and many more.

The media I used to make this was pictures I found using Google images. I used the ones I thought would make an impact and make people notice that this issue is bigger than they thought and I used mostly pictures of children because it shows that they are impacted a lot and they deserve to live long and healthy lives and it’s not fair that something they can’t control might make them sick. I used blue cellophane to represent clean water, what everyone needs and I put a statistic in the middle that says ‘Dirty water kills 5,000 children every day.’ I used this statistic because it’s the one that impacted me the most and it made me think about what I can do to help.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 09:08:18 pm

Grace, I really liked your explanation of why you chose the media in your hexagon.


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