Be the Solution to Water Pollution!
Kelsey Nallon

The world wide significance is that people and animals are getting diseases from polluted water. 20 percent of the world's population consumes of 80 percent of its resources. It is not healthy for anyone because 5,000 people die because of dirty drinking water. If we keep everything clean, recycle everything you can, and take care of the earth, our lakes and oceans will stay fresh and the animals will have a healthy living environment.
In my artwork, I spilt the ocean in half to show the difference in healthy water and polluted water. For the clean water I used bright colors and blue glitter to show how it is a
happy place for the animals to live in. On the other side I used dark, dull colors to show all the garbage and pollution in the water. I also had a duck that is covered in oil to represent the oil spill that happened. On top of the water I drew garbage to show how people don’t care about where they throw their trash. Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Be the solution to water pollution!

Bridget :)
10/4/2012 09:44:17 pm

Kelsey! Great job. I love how you used darker colors in the polluted side and bright cheerful colors on the non polluted side. It really gave the "reader" a great visual. You did a great job!

10/6/2012 09:02:11 pm

Kelsey! Good job! It shows how the water changes, and how the oil is in it! Good Job!!

10/11/2012 08:01:12 pm

Kelsey! I love how you used darker colors on the polluted side and happier and brighter colors on the clean side! It shows me how the water is really being polluted!


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