Klaudia. P
Stop Hunger.
Starvation needs to stop! The concern/ problem of the picture that i chose to represent is a girl that is eating bread she is from Africa and she and her parents cannot afford food so they barely don't have anything to eat. This is important for me because a lot of kids everyday. Every year 15 million die of hunger. Also 5.6 seconds someone dies of hunger. The parents are also upset because there children died or if the parents died and one of the children doesn't know what to do without there family.

For my work of art I wrote Stop Hunger Now! I wrote that because I don't want starving children to die. I want the everyone to help them get more food so they wont be hungry. I drew Africa, and also a octagon and inside of it is  water and some land/places and some in those places have children that are starving. I also did the background a sad color witch is gray because its sad when kids are starving and going to die. This is what i drew and i want Starvation to stop.

Stop Starvation Now!                              

Adeline D
10/12/2012 04:06:07 am

I like how you made the Earth on the plate to represent the hunger in the world. I really like your drawing.

Claire O'.
10/23/2012 01:41:47 am

good job Klaudia! i like it! haha

Veronica M
10/23/2012 01:28:44 pm

I love how you used the earth as the plate! Very creative


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