By:Elissa S.

I used color pencil,marker,tissue paper, and a ribbon.

I chose this topic because it is occurring all over the world and it is really devastating.  Homelessness is increasing  because of people in lost of jobs and rising in deep poverty.  I chose the color gray and other somber because it represents the sadness in homelessness.  My text says “We should help” and “Homelessness youth ‘r’ real”.  That text was for the homeless youth.  As of 2002 there were an estimated 1,682,900 homeless and runaway youth.  This is horrible and getting worse over the years.  My second text says, “Families all over the world are homeless.  This is sad”.  On an average night, 1,105 family members are on the streets, 10,926 find refuge in an emergency shelter, and 15,255 stay in transitional homes.   My last text says “There are over 23% of veterans that are homeless”. As of 2010, 144,842 veterans were homeless.  This is 13% of the adult homeless population.  We can help.
In Palatine alone there are over 1,500 people who lost their homes.  Journeys is an organization that helps homeless single parents, students, the elderly, and people that have lost their business in Palatine. As teens, we can volunteer at PADS sites located throughout Arlington Heights to help prepare dinner, breakfast, or sack lunches.  Another organization that helps homeless teens is Teens for Jeans.  They collect jeans and pants to give to homeless teens.  You can sign up at DoSomething.org to find out how to get involved.

Mrs. Cook
10/6/2012 01:09:51 pm

Elissa, you did a wonderful job of helping us understand the problem of homelessness. Your commentary is very complete and really makes us think about their condition. It makes me want to help.


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