This project is called Help The Hungry.I painted the background black.Then I made it completely out of rice.The is border made out of rice.Then there is a bowl of rice,to show the food the Hungry cannot have.It also says "Help The Hungry".Next there is a heart,to symbolize the caring the starving people need.
  Hunger is a big problem,we have to overcome.This mostly occurs in Africa, but it is a problem all over the world.Luckily,there are organizations helping like, Feed my starving children, or The feed bag project, and Do Something's hunger project.Hunger effects so many people that one person dies to hunger related causes every six seconds.
    This project is important to me because, of the fact that in america we have so much food.And that, these people are desperately needing food,and that they cannot get it.The rice that I used to make my hexagon symbolizes the food the starving people need.This worldwide issue is very important.And people around the world need to help.You can help by donating money to a charity, or starting a fundraiser.
By:Michelle E.

Rebecca M.
10/4/2012 07:16:26 pm

Your artwork must've taken SUPER LONG to do so I applause you on how neat and beautifully done it is. I love the addition of the heart. <3 Truly puts things into perspective with that one tiny detail. (:

Alicia C
10/12/2012 12:45:24 pm

I thought it was really cool how you used the rice to spell out the words.
The rice really helps show that we need to stop hunger.

10/22/2012 04:38:56 pm

I like how you used the rice it adds texture


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