Alyssa C.

Global warming is a big issue around the world. Not only are people being affected by global warming, but sea life and animals are too. Global warming causes the earth to be hotter. As a result it: dries up the earth making it hard to farm,melts glaciers and ice, causing animals like polar bears to drown, and can kill sea life in the Barrier Reef when water temperature gets too hot. Also, the
change in weather causes water to rise and flood islands making it inhabitable
to live at. Some ways to help stop Global Warming is: reduce, reuse and recycle
products, drive less, and plant trees. In my artwork I drew an earth on fire to
represent global warming making the earth hotter. I also drew some really dry
land with cracks, because global warming is drying up land around the world.
This topic is important to me, because I love animals, and global warming is
affecting how they live, like in Antarctica. I want to help stop Global warming
not only for the animals, but because some people are affected by it as well and
can it be a life threatening situation. The media I used was colored pencils and

Amanda Page
10/11/2012 11:27:37 am

I really liked your drawing. And you had strong evidence to back up your topic.

Sammi M.
10/12/2012 03:47:22 am

I love the detail in your artwork! Your description ties it all in too!

Jason G.
10/12/2012 04:09:17 am

I loved the all the details you have in your artwork. I did the same topic.


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