Liam C.               

    Over two years the polar bear population has decreased by 20%, the Emperor penguin
population has decreased by 50% over the last 50 years, and the Arctic ice level
has gone down by 18%. When rays of sun reach the earth’s surface it can either
be absorbed into the earth or reflected back into space. If absorbed, the earth
releases some of the heat into the atmosphere. Certain gases like carbon dioxide
and methane absorb the energy and slow or prevent the loss of heat back into
space. This is called a greenhouse effect. Also in the past there used to be
heating or cooling spikes when ice ages occurred. Currently the earth is heating
but it is not because a natural occurrence it is because of us producing
greenhouse gases that are trapping heat and warming the earth. Factories and
industrial  machines have been producing terrible gases like methane and Nitrous
oxide and if something isn’t done soon the Arctic could melt

 This issue is important to me because of how many people live near the coastlines.
60% of people live near or around a costline and if all the ice melted many
places would go under.It is estimated by scientists that by 2100 the sea level
will rise 37 inches. This would devastate the world and me. New York could be
severely damaged and my oldest college sister lives out there. My sister
graduated from Rolling meadows and went to Columbia college. Personally if
scientist predict correctly my sister would be in danger. So many families are
near oceans and if the sea level doesn’t stop rising, lives would be in
 In my hexagon I used red and orange paint in the background to show how the earth
is warming. I mixed some colors together as well to make a deep orange or light
red. I put the earth in the middle of the fire to show how the temperature is
only rising and we must take drastic measures to stop it. I got my earth image
from google images on the internet.        

Jack R
10/8/2012 10:12:24 pm

You did a great job on your hexagon with the world making it look like it is burning up.

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 10:28:39 am

Liam, your facts really illustrate how severe this problem is. Nice job!


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