Lily M.

My issue is Deforestation and how people are destroying animals home pushing some of them to extinction. I love animals and would like to work with them when I grow up, but if there are no animals left I can’t do that. We are destroying all the nature that was here before we were. Trees have been on Earth even before humankind and so have animals. We have lived beside them for years and now we want to push them to extinction. I don’t think that’s right. What if animals were destroying our homes? How would you feel? They might not be as intelligent as us, but they are still living creatures.

In my hexagon I used paper, a marker, glitter, and pictures. I used brown and green paper to symbolize a tree. Brown being the darker side and green the happy side. I have a bulldozer knocking down trees with animals running away to represent how what we are doing to destroy their habitat. the animals are running to the happy side where the “Wilderness Project” is helping to plant new trees and make the world greener. The organization’s logo is surrounded by gold glitter making it the sun. The sun is shining down on the good side providing light for all the good things people are doing. Also notice that the animals on the bad sad look worried and are running away, whereas on the good side they are happy living in the new trees. If we work together to stop deforestation we can make a change.

Aileen W.
10/9/2012 12:23:41 pm

I like the pictures on your hexagon! Great Job!

Grace T.
10/9/2012 01:02:55 pm

I like how you did a good and a bad side!!

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 09:55:54 am

Lily, I really like how you depicted your topic, but I am especially impressed by your title. It is really well thought out.


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