STOP ABUSE
Child abuse is so bad.. and its happening everywhere in this world. One out of every three girls are sexually assulted before the age of 18. Also, one out of seven children are abused a day. Verbal, psychological, physical, neglect, and sexual abuse are the 5 kinds of abuse. These multiple kinds of abuse are happening everday and everywhere in the world. Physical abuse is so sad, it’s depressing walking around and seeing kids with scars, brusies, and cuts. It is also hard hearing about kids and girls killing themselves because of being abused. People need to stop this! I think people should develop organizations, or to people and make them feel loved that have been abused. The materials i 
                                                                                 used to make this hexagon were: red paint to look like blood, 
                                                                                sharpies, and Internet images to depict the problem. I traced my hand to show 
                                                                                the 5 different kinds of abuse, and wrote facts about sexual and physical abuse. 
                                                                                Im hoping this showed you how important this issue is, how its happening 
                                                                                everywhere, and how we need to stop this.

Alex G
10/8/2012 02:04:49 am

Your Commentary was very good and convincing.

Amanda Page
10/11/2012 11:34:38 am

I liked how you traced your hand and wrote issues with your topic in the finger tips. Very creative!!

Ms. Weiss
10/18/2012 10:17:52 am

Grace, the way you addressed the many different types of abuse is very powerful.


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