The subject of my hexagon was on racism. The images I thought of for the hexagon was back in the 1930s to the 1970s, which was the time period in which my photograph was captured. The media I used for for my hexagon was graphite pencils, Sharpie and chalk pastels. The reason why I chose this topic is because racism has been around from the B.C times, between a rivalry between the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This is still happening today, between all races. I think this is a problem today since there are many hate crimes between races. The quarter of the hexagon represents the different races, and an eye for each race to represent how the races view the other race.

                                                                          By: Hanna Tran
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Period 4


The media I used for my hexagon are colored pencils and a sharpie. I am concerned about racial segeration because it affects many people around us. Statistics show that over 53% of african americans feel as if they are unwanted because of their race and color. My hexagon is covered in world flags and stitched with black marker as a quilt to show that everyone should get along. I stitched them as a symbol because it could represent everyone getting along. The reason I chose to research the topic of segregation because i feel as if they are also being bullied while being secluded from others because of heir 
By: Keita Ito
Period: 4

To make my hexagon I used color pencil and pen. i researched starving children. my picture shows that children all round the world need help. children are people too. This problem is bad everywhere in the world and places like Africa and Ethiopia. there many groups giving help like the hunger project. i think it is bad problem and they need help.

By: Zach Radlicz
Per. 4
Things used: Colored Pencils, Paper, Sharpie
   I did my hexagon on Global Warming. Global Warming has been a big issue for the past few years. The climates all over the world are getting warmer each year. Many scientists think global warming is caused by air pollution and CO2 emissions. Planting trees can reduce CO2 emissions. Fortunately, many things are being done to help with global warming. Agencies like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or the US NPS (United States National Park Service) help keep the air clean and CO2 emissions relatively high. Although all this stuff is being done, unless something major happens now, the climate could become unbearable by late 22 century. DO SOMETHING! 
   There are two meanings to my hexagon. The first is when the eye represents the people, and the iris is earth and the people are crying because the Earth is burning. The second is the iris is Earth and it is burning and the tears are the water of the ice melting from the north and south poles.

Joey L.

My artwork shows how terrorism affects the world
specifically the Middle East. People are killed in acts of terrorism all the
time while many think of major attacks the most affected area is the Middle
East. The left side shows a city without terrorism then the right shows the same
city but with terrorism. I chose colored pencils because I could be more
accurate and show a wider range of colors. The colors are different on the sides
to show that a world with terrorism is much worse than a world without it since
I used brighter colors on the happy

Sam Svoboda
Media Used: Sharpies, paint, pencils, styrofoam

The issue I choose in my project was deforestation. Deforestation occurs in the forests all over the world. Some loggers act illegally, and even the ones who are legal are still affecting climate change all over the world. Deforestation also takes away from animal’s natural habitats. For example, the Jaguar is now classified as “near threatened” for reasons directly related to deforestation.

My hexagon shows a tree being cut down due to the issue. The ground around it is yellow to show decay and death in a once wonderful forest. The tree has the words “Us” and “Earth” splitting apart right where the tree is being cut, and in the background there is a tree that has already been split in half.




David C
I used foam,wire, paperclips, paper,and marker

I created the hexagon because war affects the world over politicial arguments and kills over one million people every year. It is important to me because the country where my family is from was invaded in World War 2.

I used the paper clips to make barbed wire surrounding the earth in a way of showing how this world is locked in an endless cycle of war and death. and made the blood dripping from the top of the page represent all the souls lost in fighting. I made the glue and frames of the pictures look ugly just like war. The white things are mushroom clouds on each of the continents.

By: Agata P
Period 4 
One of the biggest problems in the world is starvation. This is such a negative situation because they don't have food and they cant afford it.  I chose this situation because I thought it was  probably  one of the biggest issue so i chose it. This problem is most prevalent in africa. 1,500 people die from hunger each year (5.6 seconds someone dies from hunger) People donate to Africa. There are websites. Like www.wateraidamerica.org Were you can help the africans. There are many websites as http://www.dosomething.org. They help by doing feed bag project. Progress has been made over time to improve this problem. They are helping by donating food to africa. They are making websites so other people can help.:) ...Agata Plociennik<3  

                                                  -Veronica Mate
                                             -Determinate Bullying
                                          -Cardboard, paint, markers
    -Bullying is a World Wide concern because teenagers  around the world
 are having a hard time with bullying  which lead them to committing suicide -Bullying is an important concern because innocent people are being judge by  who they are.  


I did my project on education because all kids should learn. It is a big issue because lots of kids in different countries do not have the chance to learn like we do. There are many organization to help provide school supplies. My hexagon represents children learning. I put an apple on there  because an apple represents teachers. I choose to write on my hexagon all children can learn because it is true. The kids need to have a chance to learn in a safe environment and then they can excel in life.  There are kids in Africa that do not know how to read or write because there are not a lot of schools there. More than 67 million do not get the kind of learning experience or a school at all.